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Manitoba Forage Seed Check-off Levy


During the 1994 Manitoba Forage Seed Association (MFSA) annual general meeting, the membership instructed the Board of Directors to develop a detailed proposal for the establishment of a forage seed check-off.  At the January 1995 MFSA annual meeting the completed proposal was presented and approved unanimously by the MFSA membership.

In June of 1995 a referendum was held on behalf of MFSA by the Manitoba Ag. Producers Organization Certifying Agency.  All producers selling forage seed to forage seed processors in any of the 3 years, 1992, 1993 or 1994 were mailed voting ballots. A referendum notification and registration form was also placed in the Manitoba Cooperator.  The Ag Producers Organization Certifying Agency counted the ballots and MFSA received a positive vote to proceed.  On July 6, 1996 a forage Seed Check-off was put in place.


It is mandatory that all Seed Trade purchasers deduct 1% to a maximum of $750/year per operator from all primary forage and turf seed sales.  This includes both pedigreed and common seed production of perennial grasses, legumes and annual rye grasses. These check-off  funds leverage additional government funding for research.

Collection of funds and Refunds

Trade will remit the funds twice a year for the period February 1 – June 30, and July 1 – January 31.  Any producer wishing a refund must make a request in writing to MFSA within 30 days of the end of each period. 

MFSA will forward any necessary refunds and a producer statement indicating the contributions made within 60 days after February 28 or July 31, whichever applies.  Every contributor will receive regular detailed reports in “Forage Seed News” on projects and research funded by forage seed check-off funds. 

On July 1, 1996 a Forage Seed Check-off levy was put in place.  It is kmandatory that all seed trade purchasers deduct

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